The EUR ArTeC publishing division is distinguished by 3 activities: the ArTeC collections in collaboration with Les presses du réel and the Presses universitaires de Nanterre; the journal Hybrid in collaboration with the Presses universitaires de Vincennes; and, finally, publication grants.


The ArTeC Collections: Big and small

In an effort to promote research, the EUR ArTeC has designed two collections of printed and digital works, in co-publication with Les presses du réel. The editorial line is that of the EUR: arts, technologies, digital, human mediation and creation.

In line with the research-creation orientation that ArTeC so highly values, the design of the Petite et Grande (Small and Big) collections was carried out by the graphic designer Bertrand Sandrez, who imagined works ranging from essays to illustrated books, in which form combines with content.

Since 2021, we have been working on making our publications available in digital format (EPUB), and are considering interactive or mixed works, joining together paper and digital supports.

Aware of the ecological impact of its activity, the editorial team is working towards an eco-design of books and an eco-management of the division.

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Petite Collection (Small Collection)

The Small Collection aims to publish translations of short texts, as-yet unpublished in France. These books contribute to rejuvenating the French-language academic and cultural debates on the themes within the scope of ArTeC, by importing initiatives or visions with strong programmatic potential. The translated texts are accompanied by an original preface and afterword that analyze the text and put it into perspective.

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Grande Collection (Big Collection)

The Big Collection is made up of collective works, mainly resulting from research projects funded by ArTeC. Each volume is structured around a theme that resonates with the EUR’s orientations and is subject to scientific validation. The collection aims to make ArTeC’s research visible on a national and international scale.

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Where to find our books

In bookshops

To order books, contact your local bookstore, or visit online ordering platforms such as and, or directly on the Presses du réel website.



As we fully support opening knowledge to everyone, we are committed to making our collections available to the larger world. The works of the Big Collection are available on OpenEdition Books on the page of the Presses universitaires de Nanterre which publish our open access versions.

We are currently working on making the Little Collection available.

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Hybrid Journal

Dedicated to the arts and human mediation, the journal Hybrid is part of the vast field of digital humanities and develops an editorial program that focuses on closely connecting the arts with human mediation in the digital age. Each article is submitted to a double-blind peer review. The journals are published by the Presses universitaires de Vincennes on OpenEdition Journals.

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Publication Grants

Every autumn, EUR ArTeC launches a call for publication funding to help researchers (from a laboratory, a EUR or a member institution of the ArTeC consortium) a book to be published.

Please note: ArTeC does not provide funding for the publication of a thesis.

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