Partners and networks

The partner universities of Paris-8 and Paris-Nanterre can be found on the respective websites of the two universities. Exchanges take place both in and outside of Europe.

Paris 8:


Some partnerships are developed directly in close collaboration between EUR ArTeC and partner universities, as is the case with the UAIIN (Autonomous Indigenous Intercultural University of Popayan), the only indigenous university accredited by the Colombian government so far. Its unique coursework allows EUR ArTeC to broaden its own reflection on alternative teaching models and favours exchange between European and Colombian professors-researchers. The modalities of student and researcher exchanges have been conceived in association and Franco-Colombian creative research projects are in the making.

As for outward mobility, students spend their 9th semester (first semester of M2) abroad, leaving via Paris-8 or via Paris-Nanterre for inter-university exchanges. They benefit from the partnerships set up by each university as well as from various international programs (Erasmus, Alliance EDUC) and from financial support that can be combined with the mobility aid granted by EUR ArTeC.

Students may also do an internship abroad, instead of a study abroad program. This can take the form of an apprenticeship: 2 or 3 students, working on the same project, supervised by a foreign partner university, will then alternate professional internships and academic training.

Some research projects and MIPs aim to start agreements and sustainable partnerships with foreign universities. They attempt :

  •  to diversify multidisciplinary and self-reflexive research projects and approaches
  •  to experiment with alternative and innovative teaching methods.


Examples of study abroad programs carried out since 2020:


  • Italy / University of Turin
  • Italy / Academy of Fine Arts of Naples
  • Belgium University of Liège
  • Florence / University of Florence



  • University of GHENT / Belgium
  • University of Birkbeck / London
  • ASFA of Athens / GREECE
  • Academic Visitor at Concordia University, Montreal CANADA
  • Academy of Fine Arts of Naples
  • BERLIN / Humboldt University
  • Eötvös Lorand University /Budapest, Hungary



  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Canada – BCI – UQAM
  • Los Andes University Bogota, Colombia
  • Academy of Fine Arts of Naples
  • Chicoutimi (UQAC)
  • Santiago, Chile
  • Internship in Mexico
  • UQAC NAD in Quebec
  • Portugal/University of Lisbon
  • South Africa – University of the Witwatersrand
  • Federal University of Bahia / BRAZIL
  • Canada in the University of Quebec in Outaouais
  • UFRJ in dance degree, Brazil
  • Mexico (Guadalaraja), Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Anotati Scholi Kalon Technon, Athens, Greece
  • Canada – BCI – UQAM