Useful Information

For your arrival in France and on our campuses, here are some practical pieces of information and useful contacts.


ArTeC desk

Within our EUR, the priority contact for our students is our training coordinator, Aurore Mréjen: She will be able to answer your questions or direct you to the right people.


FETE (French for Foreign Students)

The University of Paris Nanterre offers a special welcome for those learning French. Depending on your instruction needs, you will be able to find the course that suits you:

  1. Semester-long degree courses to prepare for further studies in France (at the University of Paris-Nanterre or other universities).
  2. Multi-level advanced courses -PLCF- (from A1 to C2).
  3. An intensive introductory internship to prepare for the beginning of the academic year during the week before the start of classes.

Procedures and contacts:



For everyday student life, the CROUS is at the the go-to problem solving resource for student issues since it deals with accommodation, food and university grants.

The University of Paris-8 is under the aegis of the CROUS of Créteil, and the University of Paris-Nanterre of the CROUS of Versailles.

Créteil :



Within the universities, you can contact the Campus Life services:

Paris 8:

Paris Nanterre:

For researchers and doctoral students, you can also find help at the Cité International Universitaire de Paris (CIUP):