Graduate School

ArTeC provides instruction co-accredited by the universities of Paris-8 and Paris-Nanterre. These programs offer each student a learning experience based on experimentation and research-creation. Since its foundation in 2018, ArTeC has contributed to the transformation of university teaching by financing innovative pedagogical modules carried by researchers and artists.

The ArTeC master’s degree follows a multidisciplinary curriculum, encouraging hybridization and promoting the creation of unique lines of research and experimentation. To encourage this  pedagogy of  “thought in action,” many artists and professionals of international stature are invited to participate, bringing a fresh, new perspective to contemporary issues. Each year, ArTeC launches a call for projects with innovative pedagogical measures, combining theory and practice.  Proposed à la carte, they allow students to compose a personalized curricular track in connection   with their experimental project, developed over a period of two years on ArTeC campuses and  abroad.

The DIU ArTeC +, a degree succeeding the masters, prepares students for the demands and processes of research and creation, to help them hone and consolidate a university or artistic doctoral project.

Each year, ArTeC funds three doctoral contracts and organizes a research-creation methodological training seminar.