DIU ArTeC+ (Interuniversity Diploma)

The elaboration of a thesis project is both a crucial and difficult moment requiring significant time to develop, especially in the fields of research and instruction. This is particularly the case with EUR ArTeC, at the crossroads of the arts, technology and digital mediation. The DIU (Interuniversity Diploma) has two general functions.  Firstly, it is there to help students coming from artistic backgrounds to better master the expectations, codes and habits of university research (at the doctoral level). Its second purpose is to help graduates of a university master’s degree to draw inspiration from certain practices of artistic creation to energize their investigations and reflections.

The DIU does not guarantee any doctoral grants. Rather, this degree offers assistance in acquiring and exercising research skills and formulating research projects, abilities that will be invaluable in dealing with the expectations of critical inventiveness present in more and more areas of professionalization today.

The DIU program offers regular sessions on Monday and Friday afternoons, from early October to early May, with four periods of more intense collective activities consisting of three-day workshops (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) four times during the year. Other one-time events are occasionally scheduled, with two days of final project presentations in early May. During the weekly workshops, participants are invited to develop their research project through various types of training, collaborations, tutorials, and experiments.

A series of lectures is scheduled to allow participants to listen to, but above all to interact with, teachers from UPL campuses as well as with outside speakers, artists, researchers, intellectuals – among them : Kenneth Goldsmith, Christophe Hanna, Alexandra Saemmer, Alain Damasio, Yala Nadia Kisukidi, Gaël Charbau, Julien Discrit, Franck Leibovici, Gwenola Wagon, Pierre Byard, Pierre Cassou-Noguès, Stefano Harney & Fred Moten, Catherine Malabou, Marie Preston, Dork Zabunyan, Pascal Nicolas-Le Strat, Anna Longo, Elie During, Erin Manning & Brian Massumi, Wendi Hui Kyong Chun, Pierre-Damien Huyghe, Julien Prévieux, Steven Feld, Alexandre Monnin, Nicolas Nova, Jay Pather, Ingrid Luquet-Gad, Patrice Maniglier, Alice Lenay, Everardo Reyes, Dread Scott, Myriam Suchet, Joëlle Zask, Mikkel Bolt Ramsmussen, Jacob Lund, Warren Neidich, Emanuele Coccia, Philippe Descola, and more.

The DIU ArTeC+ is currently under the direction and organization of Yves Citton and Grégory Chatonsky.