ArTeC is a graduate school (EUR) dedicated to research-creation, covering all disciplinary fields related to the arts, humanities, social sciences, and technology.

It is oriented in three different directions:

  • Creation as a research activity
  • New modes of writing and publishing
  • Technology and human mediation

This program includes

  • A graduate school (from the master’s degree to the doctorate, with an intermediate diploma, the DIU ArTeC+),
  • A funding system, through 8 annual calls for applications, for projects that combine research and creation,
  • Publishing (2 imprints at Presses du Réel and a bilingual online journal, Hybrid, with Presses Universitaires de Vincennes).

ArTeC aims to

  • Promote experimentation and analysis of different forms of connection between research and creation.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary approaches, collaborations between researchers and artists, and dialogue between universities, cultural institutions and art schools.
  • Rejuvenate research, teaching and creation practices.
  • Explore new modalities of publication and mediation of knowledge.
  • Question the possible roles of art in the response to societal challenges.

ArTeC, then, is an ecosystem comprising a large community of students, researchers, artists and cultural professionals. Located in the universities of Paris-Nanterre and Paris-8, it also brings together a whole group of partners in the way of cultural institutions and art schools.