New Technological Imaginaries

New Technological Imaginaries


2018 - 2020


François-David Sebbah (Paris Nanterre University)

The technosciences are every where in present day human live, that much is obvious. That they conspire to shape our representations of the word, of the different beings that we envision, and of ourselves is also clear. Ultimately, it is also apparent that these technosciences themselves are, paradoxically, haloed by sentiment and metaphysical representations that are more or less elaborated, more or less positive, more or less negative (with our apologies to cyborgs, those modern-day golems). The project we propose is to take this fact seriously. Questions concerning the relationship between global warming and the Anthropocene, or between prostheses and transhumanism, affect ever more frequently the citizen who finds these issues in newspapers, documentaries, installations or artistic performances, or again in their social network accounts.

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François-David Sebbah (Paris Nanterre University)

Pierre Cassou-Noguès (University of Paris 8)

Alberto Romele (Catholic University of Lille)

Julien Davroux (Hospital Practitioner CHU Pitié-Salpétrières)

Fabrizio Defilippi (PhD student, Paris Nanterre University)

Bernard Devauchelle (Faire Face Institute)

Aurore Mréjen (filmmaker, Associate Researcher Paris Diderot University)

Segault Antonin (Paris Nanterre University)

Severo Marta (Paris Nanterre University)

Sonet Virginie (Paris Nanterre University)