Boris Le Roy, From literary creation to speculation: writing finance

Boris Le Roy, From literary creation to speculation: writing finance


2019 - 2022


Boris Le Roy

EA 7322 Literature and History: Aesthetics (LHE)

In what way can literary creation ponder certain financial products implicated in our present-day crises? How can financial speculation be examined from the perspective of speculative rhetoric? How can we derive certain financial notions based on other circuits of understanding? These are all questions that this project aims to unpack in order to demonstrate their urgency at a moment when financial objects, particularly derivative products, should no longer be reserved for those few specialists who are building a technology of the future.

After interviewing structurers and traders of derivative products, this dissertation will combine theoretical work with elements of speculative rhetoric in order to transcribe these interviews through a complex grammatical expression which will restore the subjectivity of the actors of these same products as closely as possible.

Might this “speculative act” then shed light on the creation of financial products through literary creation, and conversely, on what could be a renewal of literary forms, in the hope of better reflecting the contemporary? This is our hypothesis.



After a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Bordeaux 1 (1992), a master’s degree in Science and Techniques of Audiovisual Communication from the Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France (1994) and two national schools of higher learning in the arts, the ENS d’Art dramatique de Saint-Étienne (1995) and the FEMIS in continuing education (2008), Boris Le Roy has worked as a performer, screenwriter and novelist.

Three of his novels have been published by Actes Sud: Au moindre geste  (At the Least Movement) (2012), Du sexe (On Sex) (2014) and  L’Éducation occidentale (Occidental Education) (2019).

In 2016, he obtained his master’s degree in Literary Creation at Paris-8 and then the D.I.U ArTeC before completing his doctorate under the direction of Olivia Rosenthal at the University Research School ArTeC.


Thesis director: Olivia Rosenthal (université Paris 8 )

Doctoral school: ED 31 Pratiques et théories du sens