Fluid mechanics, Gala Hernández López

Exemple d'édition

Documentary essay, France, 2022, 38 min, color.

Synopsis : In 2018, an incel (i.e. an involuntary celibate) publishes a suicide note on the Reddit platform with the title “America is responsible for my death”. The Mechanics of Fluids is an attempt to find answers to his words. A virtual drift on the Internet in search of his digital traces that ends up being an inner journey between two connected solitudes.

Production: L’Heure d’été & Après les Réseaux Sociaux

Writer and director: Gala Hernández López

Editing: Alberto Dexeus et Gala Hernández López 

Animations: Claudia Martín

Sound editing: Mélia Roger

Project supported by EDESTA (University of Paris 8), EUR ArTeC and CNC – DICRéAM.

Film rights purchased by France Télévisions.